Monday, January 11, 2010

Here I am at 34 weeks and I feel like a big fat cow. It's especially comforting when I get told how big I am! Oh the joys of pregnancy! I am feeling like this pregnancy is flying by and she could come at any moment. I am getting the baby's room ready and getting last minute items together. We are super excited to meet our little girl!

Another update... This is a video of Cierrar walking. I saw her just last night and she was crawling all over the place and now she is walking! We are so proud of her and we are still looking hopeful that she will continue to progress.

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Laura and Tyrone said...'re at the beached whale stage of pregnancy...I always felt like a bloated moose myself. Has anyone asked you if you're having twins yet? I got that several times. I carried really big and out front. Hope you're getting as much sleep as possible, because you won't get much after the baby comes. Getting kicked much?
Good to hear your niece is making progress. Hope she has a full recovery.