Monday, June 8, 2009


It's been almost a month since I've last posted so let me update you on our lives! A lot has happened! Blake had a birthday on May 21 and he got a barbeque (from me!), a couple of gift cards and I took him out to dinner! So on Memorial day weekend we went and used those gift cards. We went to see 2 movies over that weekend. Star Trek one night and then Terminator: Salvation on Memorial Day. Then we went shopping. He got a gift card to JC Penney and we still had one from our wedding so we spent $100 between the two of us at JC Penney. Then we went to Best Buy with his other gift card and bought 4 movies. One was "The Newsies" (that was my choice) and then Blake got "The X-Men Trilogy". Then we went home and roasted some hot dogs on his new bbq. Then the next day we both had to get back into the swing of things...which can be really hard when you have a 3 day weekend... but Blake didn't go to work or school that day because he had food poisening! I was sick too but not as bad as he was. I felt so bad for him! We think that it was from the hot dogs, but who knows!

Then this past weekend we went camping with a couple of friends up at Strawberry Reservoir. It was cold and windy the entire time! On Saturday we fished all day. It turned out to be "Free fishing day" but Blake got his fishing licence just for this weekend! Oh well! We fished in 3 different spots, there were 4 fishing poles and 4 crawdad traps and we only caught 2 fish, and 4 crawdads! We were so disappointed! Apparently this is a really good place to fish but we figured it was only a good place if you had a boat... not if you fish on the shore...I got a really bad sunburn on my face because it was so cold and windy that was the only thing showing. We fished in this spot that charged 5 dollars. I think that was a waste because we only caught 1 fish there. I did have a fun time though even though I was cold the entire weekend. Oh and did I mention that there were no bathrooms where we camped??? Ya, me and another girl loved that because we had to go and pop a squat in the middle of the woods and make sure that no one else saw us... that was a bit uncomfortable...

Then when we got home yesterday afternoon we were pulling into our drive way and I saw a grey furry ball in ditch in front of our house. I didn't know what it was so I got out of the truck and looked at it and it was a tiny kitten! So I got Blakes gloves (I didn't know what kinds of diseases it could have been carrying) and I jumped down in the ditch, well it saw me and took off running. I chased after it for a while and finally caught up to it. When I was carrying it I could feel it's bones. I was so sad for this little kitten. So then I gave it some cat food and the other cats did not like her. They were hissing at her. So Blake and I got a box and cut a little hole in it (so it could get out if it wanted to) and put in some rags, a bowl of water and some food. We put it in the garage so that the cats wouldn't get to it. This morning when I was getting in the car to go to work I saw that box was tipped over, and the rags were dragged all over the garage. I looked for her in a couple of places but couldn't find her anywhere... I don't know if the other cats got to her or if she ran away. I was really sad. Hopefully we will be able to find her again. This is a picture of what the kitten looked like but it was much smaller and it always curled up little furry ball. And it had really blue eyes. It was so cute!