Sunday, September 20, 2009

18 weeks!

This is my 18 week picture! I really don't feel as big as this picture makes me look! They say the camera adds 10 pounds! Haha! 2 more weeks and we find out what we are having! Be sure to vote on my poll! I want to know what you all think!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I've heard that this is a really good book to read while you are pregnant from a couple of people. So I ordered it off of today and I should receive it soon. Has anyone read this? If so what are your thoughts?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our current project

Since we are renting, I didn't think that we could do anything with the second bedroom. In the pictures it is kind of hard to see, but that is winnie the pooh wall paper. It it really old, had rips and stains. So Blake mentioned taking the wall paper down and painting it. So I asked the landlords if they were okay with that and they said that they have been wanting to paint this room for a really long time! So if we are willing to put in the work, they will take it off of our rent! Here are some before pictures.

Yesterday we started taking down the wall paper. I have never done this before so I didn't know what to expect. It's a good thing that Blake know's what he is doing! I would be so lost without him! Anyway, we started yesterday and we have a little section left to take off. There are 4 walls altogether, and it was really weird... two of the walls were really easy to take off, they just peeled right off. And the other two were more difficult, they came off in little peices. But we are bound and determined to get this job done!

Next on the agenda is spackling and texturizing the walls. That will be a big job too. Then when that is done, we will paint it. When we are done, I will show you all the finished pictures!

An update on my pregnancy, I find out what I am having on October 6th! Do you think it is a boy or a girl? We don't have any preferences to what it is, we just hope that it is healthy and chubby! I am 17 weeks and have no morning sickness. I think I have been feeling the baby, but not positive. I just feel little flutterings and tappings. I will try to keep you all updated a little bit more on my life!