Monday, December 29, 2008


We celebrated Christmas this year at home. We spent Christmas Eve with the Tucketts and then had Christmas morning with just the two of us. We then went to Angie Hansens house and had a delicious breakfast! Then I got a call from my dad letting me know that my mom was in the hospital again with pneumonia! She must love that place. So then I went to my brother's house and opened gifts there and then we went to the Tucketts house again and opened presents with them. They got us a box full of meat, a gift card to Maceys and a gift card to Red Lobster. I was really happy about the meat! That will save us a lot of money for the next couple of months. Then we went back to my brothers house and played with their new wii until it was time to go home. I wasn't able to visit my mom in the hospital that day because she was too sick to see anyone. I ended up seeing her on Friday and she was feeling a lot better. She was able to go home on Saturday and hopefully she won't be back there until she goes in for surgery! Here are some pictures of our christmas below:

Blake got me an entire outfit. Jeans, shirt and a sweater. He did a really good job picking it out without me knowing about it! Thanks Sweetie!

I got an iTunes gift card. That was pretty exciting... I also got gum, which is pretty funny because he got me the gum that HE likes because he knew that I would never buy it. It was pretty good gum. I think I will stick to my old kind though.

Blake was very tired when we opened presents. He got the movie "The Dark Knight". He was pretty excited, even though you can't really tell in this picture.

We received a "Mr. Coffee" hot chocolate maker, a blanket, stephens hot chocolate, marshmallows, mugs, blueberry pancake mix and blueberry syrup from my sister-in-law. It was a very nice present. We love the hot chocolate maker. It makes the best hot chocolate.