Friday, May 1, 2009

Photo Shoot

I received my last two photo shoot pictures last week. These 3 are supposed to be "Manhatten". The other two are "color me beautiful". This is my sister-in-law Norma. Troy's hott wife!


We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Tuesday night. Monday night when I came home I saw this!

Then on Tuesday Blake and I both worked all day, and I got off of school. We both met at home at 5 and then he took me out to Outback Steakhouse. Then we went to Cold Stone and had some yummy ice cream. After that we got home and watched "What happens in Vegas" and had some popcorn and some sparkling grape juice. It was a really nice night to just relax and be with eachother because I don't get to spend very many nights at home with him. Tomorrow we are getting a couple massage and we both can't wait!

Our Home

Here are some pictures of our house that we moved into a couple of weeks ago. Sorry it took me a while to post them.

This is the back door and food storage.

This is the laundry room

This picture and the picture below are the 2nd bedroom. The doors are being used as storage right now.

This is our bedroom. Behind the door is Blake's closet

This my closet. I love how big it is!


This is the family room, pantry, and office. It used to be a bedroom but they made it into a family room. That is a hide a bed and a tread mill. There is also a fire place but it doesn't work. Hopefully we will be able to get it working by winter time.

This is the kitchen

This is the dining room. I love how open and bright the room is with all of the windows!

This is one side of the living room.

This is the other side of the living room with Blake watching a Jazz game.
As you can see we are all settled in and I am so glad. Hopefully we won't move for a few years...