Sunday, August 1, 2010

5 months!

Ava is 5 months old!
Here are some things we would like to remember about Ava at 5 months old:

~Weight: Approx. 14 lbs.
~Height: Approx. 25 inches
~Starts to grab things and put in her mouth
~She loves to laugh!
~Trying to sit up, can stay sitting up for about 10 seconds before she falls over.
~Loves to roll over. As soon as we put her down, she is already rolling all over the place!
~Likes to look at herself in the mirror

Chubby face

This picture looks exactly like Blake did when he was a baby. Unfortunately we don't have a picture to show and compare but as soon as I saw this pic I thought of him!

This is her in her walker. She loves to play! Such a big mouth grin!

And this pic looks exactly like I did at 6 months old! She is a complete mixture of Blake and I.
Ava is such a fun baby to be around. We love her to pieces and could not imagine our life without her.

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Melissa Bowman said...

such a cutie. i love that you adore her and have her in your life! :)