Sunday, May 15, 2011


Ava and her friend Blaine playing.
Ava and Blaine sitting in a chair. They are only 6 days apart. We like to joke that they are going to be married some day! They are so cute together!
Ava is almost 15 months old and she is getting smarter every day!
She can say: Hi, nana (banana), baba (drink), bow wow (dog, horse, or basically anything with 4 legs, while pointing at it), and uh-oh! She is pretty good at communicating what she wants. She is really good at pointing and making gestures until she gets what she wants. She loves to read her books and talk on the phone. Right now she loves to climb on things. Once she gets on top of something she stands up so tall like she is so proud of herself! Another things he likes to do dance. She puts her hands above her head and twirls around like a ballerina. She absolutely loves to talk on the phone! She will put anything small up against her ear and talk. She says "hi" and then jabbers and then she will start laughing for no reason. It's pretty entertaining to watch.
In other news, we are moving to Payson to live in my parent's basement. We are excited to have some more room to ourselves. Blake has 2 treatments left (we hope) and then possible radiation. We are hoping to be completely done with treatment by July. His tumor has shrunk by 50% which is wonderful news! Unfortunately we are going to have to pay for everything on our own. We have done everything we can to try and get help from insurance and the state and it looks like we are on our own. We are going to have a huge yard sale at the end of June so if you have anything you would like to donate towards paying off our bills that would be wonderful! I will post more info later when I know more.

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