Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sorry I didn't take any pictures of our Thanksgiving but we did have a lot of fun. We had it at the Tuckett's house this year. I was in charge of the candied yams and lemon pie. I was a little nervous making the candied yams because I hadn't made them before. But everyone said that they turned out good. After we stuffed ourselves with food, I hung out and watched tv and talked and Blake went shooting with the men in the family. They were gone for a few hours and when he came back we went over to my brother's house to see what they were up to. We played some games and watched the ending of "Home Alone" and around 9pm I was exausted so we went home. Then we went online and tried to decide if we were going to try to conquer the crowds of "Black Friday" and decided we could get the same deals online! So we ordered some Christmas presents that we needed to give to people and slept in on Friday morning. Well, kind of... Blake and I both had to work.

Well, that was our Thanksgiving and I hope that everyone else had a great one!

Update on Cierra, she is gettins stronger every day. She is rolling around and she is able to hold her head up and can stand with some help. We are continuing to pray for her full recovery!

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