Saturday, January 31, 2009


So every other month at school we have to do a photoshoot. Every photoshoot has a theme and so I wanted to show everyone a few pictures from my photoshoots that I have done.

This is my very first photo shoot. It was in August and the theme was "Back to School". This is my neice Elise and think she did a really good job! Look how cute she is!

This photo shoot was in October and the theme was "Fantasy". I searched the internet for ideas and I found and idea. I decided to do a mermaid/sea nymph type thing. So I decided I needed a cute girl with long blond hair and my dad said "hey, I work with a girl that will be good for the job!" So luckily she did work out because I didn't meet her until a few days before the photo shoot. She did a fantastic job!

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